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Sandra Arroyo

A combined Spanish language course and flamenco dance course – sounds great!

Our spanish teacher, Alhambra Instituto

”My name is Sandra and I’m the flamenco star at Alhambra Instituto.

I have a degree in Hispanic Studies from Málaga University and I am professional a Flamenco dancer. I teach both flamenco and salsa in the Alhambra Instituto.

I love my two professions because I am constantly with other people and both jobs totally fulfill me.
I have worked in different spanish schools and in each of them I learned different aspects and methods of teaching, which I now use during my lessons here in Alhambra Instituto. I can say that this school is like a second home for me.

I have been working here for twelve years and for me the school team is my family.
I think Alhambra Instituto is known for its great atmosphere, its facilities, its dynamism, its sympathy and professionalism of the whole team.

I hope to see you here at Alhambra Instituto!”