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Spanish Courses offers its students a wide range of activities and excursions, Social activities & excursions for students in Spain, Spanish Courses in Malaga

Spanish for Student Groups Travel in Spain

Spanish for Student Groups Travel in Malaga Spain

At Alhambra Instituto we are happy to welcome groups of students from all over the world to join our regular Spanish courses or for specially tailored programmes. You can combine learning a foreign language on a professional level with lots of fun, thanks to nice activities in the afternoon and our super friendly staff!

With Alhambra Instituto you are not only guaranteed high-quality language courses, but also a nice accommodation in a host family with full board (half board on demand) in double or single rooms and activities in the afternoon, such as visits to museums, paella cooking classes, boat tours or excursions to other cities at the weekend.

We have more than 30 years of experience which shows: Every year we get the chance to welcome many groups from countries such as Italy, Sweden, Poland, Germany and the United States. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything necessary for you and your group to have the best learning experience and stay here in Malaga as possible. If you have any special needs or requests, just contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Our group programmes are designed for teachers and their students, but also for you and a group of friends, colleagues or fellow students.

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Key FeaturesLearn how to speak Spanish with Interactive lessons, 2017 courses, audio, video and games

  • Ages: 12 to 18+ years
  • Lessons: 20 lessons per week
  • Class Size: max. 10 students per class
  • Levels: 6 levels
  • Accommodation: Host family or shared apartment
  • Medical Insurance: Not Included
  • Groups max. size: 80 students

Prices and Dates

  • Dates: All year, 2016
  • Groups start on Mondays
  • Group 15+ students – to 45+ students
  • Minimum duration: 1 week
  • Contact Office
  • Airport transfer:Inc.


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Spanish Language Immersion Tour in Malaga & Spain

Study tours and school trips to Malaga and Andalusia SpainWe welcome many groups each year, ranging in size from 10 to 60+, and in age from 12 to 18+.

As we offer fully inclusive packages your life as a group organiser is made simple. By the time your group arrives at Malaga Airport, everything has been arranged, from airport pick up and transfer to accommodation – you don’t have to worry about anything!

Educational school trips to Spain for teenagers, juniors and young students groups.

We offer:

  • Language courses based on any of our standard course offers
  • Mini-stays in Spanish Families (for groups not taking a Spanish language course)
  • Juniors and teenagers (for groups taking an Spanish language course)
  • Closed group classes based on your curriculum or course content

We want you to have the best experience and stay possible here in Málaga. Therefore, don`t hesitate to ask us if you have special requirements. We will do any efforts for you to feel good. You and your group are important to us!

Becoming a Booking Partner

If you are interested in sending us students as a booking partner, a counsellor or a group organiser, we would love to hear from you. Just download the application form from the link below and return it to us by email, fax or post. You can contact us for details (CONTACT)

Alhambra Instituto Spanish classe in Malaga learn SpanishOur Spanish school is located in Pedregalejo, a residential neighborhood in Málaga. The school is very close to the beach (100 metres) and near a bus stop from where you can easily reach the city centre and historical as well as cultural areas of the town. Our school has a reception area, 12 classrooms with central air conditioning, library, a Multimedia hall with computers, Wifi in all the classrooms and a sunny terrace.

Malaga, with 600.000 inhabitants, is situated in the south of Spain at the coast of the mediterranean sea.

Our Spanish language school offers a broad variety of Spanish courses for students, adults, seniors and short-term travel groups. Alhambra Instituto also provides tailor-made and intensive Spanish language courses for professionals and school Groups accompanied by their teachers.

Learn Spanish in Spain , Spanish Courses, Spanish language courses intensive in malaga SpainAll of our teachers are Spanish native speakers, therefore our students can be assured that they only learn correct pronunciation, grammar and special words and phrases that native speakers alone can provide. During class, teachers will only speak Spanish and we ask our students to do so as well.

Spanish Language Program details:

The Group is divided by levels. Students will be asked to write a test before class which determines which level they are and which class corresponds to them. During class, teachers use games, role-plays, music and short movies as well as text books to teach Spanish, however, the most important part of class is conversation because speaking is the key to learning a language. Therefore, our teachers make sure to get you to speak as often as possible.

Classes run from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. (or in the afternoon following the schedule of the Group) with lessons and different activities everyday. Our students come from all over the world. Therefore you do not only practice your Spanish – you also get to know lots of different cultures and people from other backgrounds which will broaden your horizon and make your trip an uncomparable experience that you will never forget.


We offer two types of accomodation, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages, but guarantee learning experience, comfort and especially lots of fun!
You can choose between living in a Spanish host family or a shared apartment with other students of our school.

Living among native speakers is always the best way to learn a foreign language. You get this opportunity by living in a host family. After class you continue practicing your Spanish at home – and because all of them speak Spanish as a mother tongue, you are guaranteed correct pronunciation and use of words and grammar. Furthermore, you’ll be provided with a daily breakfast and a warm meal. Another advantage: You will never feel alone. All of our families are very friendly and will do every effort for you to feel at home.

Do not worry: All of our families have been visited by our school beforehand and carefully interviewed to make sure that you are only placed in the best families possible.

We understand that our students want to live as close to the school as possible. Therefore, we made sure that none of our families is located more than 15 minutes from the school.

If you opt for living in a shared apartment, you will live with other students from our school. They want to learn Spanish as much as you do – therefore, you still get the chance to practice your Spanish, even if it is not with native speakers. Another advantage is the fact that our students come from all over the world and from almost all continents. We received students from Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as Australia. They come from different back grounds and each one of them contributes part of their cultur to Spain. This will certainly get you to think and broaden your horizon – and you get lots of new friends all around the globe!

Our apartments provide everything you need: a single or double room, kitchen and cooking facilities, television, wifi..
If you are planning to bring a group of students to Malaga, contact with us and we will help you to plan your group trip (alhambra@alhambrainstituto.se)

excursions, leisure and cultural activities offered by Alhambra Instituto in MalagaTo enhance the learning experience we also offer daily activities. In the afternoons, Monday through Friday, there is a complete and fun cultural program that includes a variety of guided visits, entrances to museums of Malaga, guided Historical routes, guided walks to the nicest areas of the city, etc.The program is customized to the Group and it can be decided by the groups teacher/guide or by Alhambra Instituto (see the examples).A Spanish teacher accompany the students during all the activities and excursions included in the program.All activities are directed towards socialising in a learning environment and increasing the student’s knowledge of Spanish Culture. This way the students will learn the language more effectively.There is no doubt that with Alhambra Instituto you are choosing one of the best Spanish programmes offered in Spain!
Activities organized normally by the school
Visits to local monuments/museums/galleries
Excursions of half/or full day
Activities organized normally by our school, some weekly and monthly others
Malaga discover the city: The first or second day of your Spanish course we will visit the old part of Málaga and historic center. (Included) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga
Visit to the Central Market in Malaga: great place to go, whether you want to learn a new vocabulary. Worth a visit for any student of Spanish, the market hall with its impressive entrance door, displays some of what the city has to offer. (Included) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in pactical Spanish in the market in Malaga
Chocolate y churros: This is a nice activity, we go with a teacher or person from the school to a special cafe. The typical Spanish delicacy of ‘churros y chocolate’ is a great treat during the cold winter months. (Included) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga visit a bar with chocolate and churros in center of the city
Paella cooking lesson: Discover the secret of Spain’s most recognised dish, the Paella. This gives students the opportunity to learn how to cook typical Spanish dishes and afterwards, of course, they get to eat them. (Included) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga paella lesson, and lunch fiesta in Alhambra Instituto
Mountains Promenade: Time to time -depends on students- our school organizes an excursion to the mountain near Málaga. Is a good exercise and you enjoy the fantastic view of the Málaga Bay. (Optional) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga, foot excursion walk to the mountains near the city
Volley at the beach in Malaga: very often (during summer months 3 times per week) the school organizes a Volley at the beach and is very popular. (Optional)At the beach in Malaga also you can practising surfing and other sports. leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga,Voley and futbal games on the beach near Alhambra Instituto
Learn Spanish and Flamenco dance (Sevillanas): We organize for the Groups 1 Flamenco lesson per week (Optional) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga, flamenco lessons in the school Alhambra Instituto
Learn Spanish and Salsa or Tango dance: We organize for the Groups 1 Flamenco lesson per week (Optional) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga,salsa and tango lessons in the school
Bike Tour: We organize with the company Málaga Bike Tour a funny excursion in Málaga (Optional). leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga, bike and windsurf and other water sports in the Malaga's beaches
Visits to local monuments/museums/galleries and other cultural institutions
The Malaga Picasso Museum: We organize a visit to this museum. Is located in the city center. (Optional) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga, visit of th Museum of Picasso
Archaeological Museum is located in the castle/ fortress La Alcazaba. It contains important archaeological findings from the Phoenician era to the Moorish epoch. (Included) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga, visit of th Museum Archeological
Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions which is housed in the fantastic Mesón de la Victoria which was a seventeenth-century inn. (Included) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain in Malaga, visit of th Museum of popular arts and traditions of Malaga
The Malaga Wine Museum: Now the walls of the ”Museo del Vino de Malaga” display more than 200 bottled wine varieties from fourteen of Malaga’s wineries. (Included) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain , visit of th Museum of Wine of Malaga
Bullfighting Museum: One of our teacher specialist in bull fighting will drive you and explain this special museum. In this museum you can find different examples of bull fighting articles as well as information about the history of bull fighting in Malaga and the rest of Spain. (Included) leisure and cultural activities for schools groups visiting Spain , visit of th Museum Bullfighting of Malaga
Excursions of half/or full day : Granada, Sevilla, Córdoba. to the White villages, etc.
Excursion to Granada: Only 120 km. away we will find Granada harmoniously integrating nature and architecture, the utter beauty of the lavishly exotic Islamic complex’s palaces, patios, and gardens will leave you wide-eyed in awe. Very fittingly declared a World Heritage Site, the Alhambra reflects the unrivalled brilliance and extravagance. (Optional) Cultural and leisure activities excursion to Granada visitien the Alhambra
Excursion to Córdoba: Only 180 km. away is the magical town of Cordoba capital of the western world in the 11th century, Cordoba is not only a convenient stop in central Andalusia, but the essence of Spain. Roman, Jewish, Islamic and Castilian civilizations are captured in its streets, its monuments and its collective consciousnes. (Optional) Cultural and leisure activities excursion to Cordoba visiting the Mosque
Excursion to Sevilla: According to legend, Sevilla was founded by Hercules and its origins are linked with the Tartessian civilisation. It was called Hispalis under the Romans and Isbiliya with the Moors. Its high point in its history was following the discovery of America. (Optional) Cultural and leisure activities excursion to Sevilla visiting the Giralda and Cathedral
Excursion to Ronda and ”The Pueblos Blancos”: Malaga is sprinkled liberally with pretty pueblos blancos, or white towns and villages. (Optional) Cultural and leisure activities excursion to Ronda or White Villages of Andalusia

At Alhambra Instituto you can learn Spanish in a diverse and fun way. The Spanish courses and the activities that we offer are for all levels and all ages.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Alhambra Instituto!

Group programmes include tuition, accommodation, activities and airport transfers.  You can tailor your group package to your exact requirements by adding half day or full day excursions or more evening activities. We include 5 activities per week.

If you are planning to bring a group of students to Malaga, contact with us and we will help you to plan your group trip School Group Booking Request and Information Alhambra Instituto Malaga Spain

Teachers & Monitors accompanying the group

  • COURSE: Teachers/Monitors who comes and lead the groups can participate (for free) to any  courses during their staying, if they like, if there are places and if their level fits with the group level.
  • ACCOMODATION, ACTIVITIES AND EXCURSIONS: According to the number of students and to the accomodation chosen, teachers will have these reductions:
    • Groups with 15 to 19 students: 1 teacher gets a free accomodation (in a shared apartment or with a Spanish family half board) and in the activities and excursions program
    • Groups with 20 to 35 students: 2 teachers get free accomodation (with a Spanish family half board)  and in the activities and excursions program
    • Groups with 36 to 45 students: 3 teachers gets free accomodation (in privat apartment for 3 or with a Spanish family half board) and in the activities and excursions program

There will not be refund on the cost of an eventual Hotel or Hostel accomodation.


More Info 

Medical Insurance: Students are strongly encouraged to arrange health insurance before traveling to Spain

On the first day of your language course, please make sure your students arrive half an hour earlier (8.30 am) to write a placement test which will determine which class they get in. From the second day on, lessons are from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. After class, we always offer different activities. It is recommendable to take part in them because they are not only lots of fun and a nice way to get to know the other students but also to practice more Spanish.

Please send your students with proper clothing, footwear and other items for the activities.

The school takes care of necessary fees and expenses, such as admission fees and transportation fees, for activities. However, your students may wish to have some pocket money for shopping.