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Intensive Combined Spanish Course (20+5) in Malaga (Spain)


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Intensive Combined Spanish Course – Super Intensive Programs

The Course

This course consists of 20 lessons in a group plus 5 Individual (One to One) lessons per week. This Spanish course is ideal if you have little time and want to learn as much Spanish as possible, or if you have particular needs for learning Spanish and want to use your private lessons to learn the particular Spanish subjects you need. The group lessons are similar to that of the Intensive Spanish Courses.

The program is an ideal combination of group lessons (4 lessons per day) and private tuition (1 hour daily). With 5 lessons daily, this course maximizes the benefits of group work and individual instruction. Course duration: from 1 to 24 weeks.
This course will enable you to significantly improve your Spanish, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student. In addition to 20 group lessons is the one customized private lesson daily.

This course covers aspects of listening, speaking and writing, using various teaching techniques, including textbook study, listening comprehensions, pronunciation practice and lessons in the key structures of the Spanish language.

This special group ”combi” course is for students who wish to improve their ability in everyday Spanish. The classes cover the four skills (speaking, reading, listening, writing), with emphasis in Spanish conversation.

Special Features

  • Private course groups; maximum 10, average 5 – 6
  • 20 lessons per week in a group
  • 5 Individual lessons per week
  • Available in 6 different levels (A1 – C2) that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Flexible start dates – students can start on any Monday (if your level is absolute Beginner you have 2 staring Mondays per month)
  • Flexible course duration – 1 to 40 weeks
  • Minimum age 16
  • Option to combine with more Individual Spanish Lessons
  • End of course certificate
  • Daily homework
  • All individual lessons missed due to public holidays are made up

The 5 private lessons allow better attention to be paid to each individual student. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use Spanish more effectively and with greater confidence
  • Speak more accurately and fluently
  • Use a wider vocabulary
  • Socialise more confidently
  • Understand what you read and hear more easily

Intensive Combined Spanish Course Content

The course focuses on learning general Spanish language skills:

  • Develop communication strategies
  • Take part in discussions
  • Develop and use vocabulary
  • Improve listening skills
  • Role play social situations
  • Work on individual grammar and pronunciation difficulties
  • Develop reading and writing skills

Price List: COMBI Intensive Spanish 20 +5

Tuition price per week
1 week 285 €
Extra individual class 29 €

Information about this Spanish Course

Duration From 1 week
Frequency 20 group/les.+ 5 (1::1) per week
Classes Maximum 10 students
Start dates Any Monday, all year round
Level All Levels
Age Range Minimum 16 years old
Minutes per lesson 55